Paragliding activity at Kalpitiya

There had been a lot of activity at the Paragliding site, Kalpitiya during the past few weeks as the weather was favourable. 

Edward With Wing Commander Herath Getting ready for a Tandem Flight.



Captain Chira Fernando is busy getting his Pegasus ready.

Captain Chira In Flight with Galen Geigely.

Captain Menaka Fernando with Galen Geigely.

Collin Perera with Galen Geigely.

Amith Perera with Galen Geigely.

The Paraglider wing getting Filled.

An UPG in Flight!!!!

Collin Just Before takeoff (Paratoys Low Boy Quad II - Rocket 313 Engine)

Edward getting ready for a flight.

Amith and Wing Commander Herath.

Carllin with Wing Commander Herath.

Collins Tandem Flight With Wing Commander Herath At Kandakuda Beach, Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka.