"FLUGTAG" 2012.

Negombo Aeromodellers held their first Fly-in Day, "FLUGTAG 2012" on the 1st. January, 2012 at the Waikkala flying field. It was specially held in remeberance of late Dr.Ray Wejewardane who is the founder of "Negomboaeromodellers". We came to know about the name "FLUGTAG" by the Maestro of Model Planes Dr.Ray Wijewardane, and as a tribute to him , the sailplane "MAESTRO" which was built and flown by him, was flown as the first item.


It was very encouraging to see that all the modells flown  by our group were scratch built by the flyers themselves.

Dinesh flew his Electric Telemaster.


Dinesh Jr. Nirash flew the Junior Telemaster.


Minthaka flew his Electric "Emca Cub"



Mahesh showed up his newly built Taylorcraft.

Thusitha flew his foamy Pelican.


Collin demonstarted his Powered Paraglider with the Hobby King Parasail.


Carllin flew his Medalion.



Amith was seen with his precisely crafted "Tiny Dip" which was built after reading the article about catapult gliders, and then he demostrated his "U Can Do 3 D".






As the last item, Edward flew the 1/4 scale Gas Powered Piper J3 which was built using a Top Flite Kit.


We will be updating with more News and Events throughout the year 2012.

Happy Flying !!!!.