Wilma - The Twin Hull Steam Boat.

This is my Twin Hull Steam Boat powered with a Hasbrouck # 10 Engine. 

Me & My wife Wilma  going on a ride in the boat

Some Pictures of the Boat and the Hasbrouck # 10 Engine buit by me.

Dr. Ray Wijeywardanene, my Guru in Aviation and in all other fields of Engineering.

Dr. Ray and Wilma, my wife.



The plans for the costruction of the Engine # 10 was sent to me by Mr.Ray Hasbrouck by post FREE of charge, after observing my interest in steam engines.


A book by the name "The Steam Engines of Ray Hasbrouck" was published on July 2013, by the Village Press, Inc.,P.O.Box 629,Traverse City, Michigan 49685-0629.

This book contains valuble building instructions, and a lot of plans to build steam engines for anyone who is interested.