What are Autogyros!!!

What are Autogyros?


Instead of continuing with the articles about construction of Gliders I thought of moving on to a completely different, interesting and not very well understood subject. I am going to share with you my experiences   in constructing and flying these very rare RC Model Flying Machines. AUTOGYROS!!!!!.


An article about the construction of the Whistler Autogyro was published on the Radio Control Magazine (RCM) in the month of May 1992. The article was beautifully written and explained very clearly by an engineering Prof. John Kallend, who also flies full size gliders including powered ones.

The RCM very happily published my achievement in building and flying this extraordinary machine in November 1993.


An autogyro is a flying machine with a Rotor which is NOT POWERED by an engine. The Rotor once   started by an initial rotation   keeps on rotating due to the incoming  relative wind. What is difficult to understand is how it generates lift to keep the Autogyro airborne.


It not an easy task to explain every part of the theory involved in the flight of Autogyros in articles of this nature. Neither it is not required to acquire   all   that  knowledge  to build and fly a Model Autogyro.

My aim is to explain things in the  simplest possible way so that as RC modelers will understand the theory part, up to a level good enough to build and fly one. 

Before moving on to the next article it is very important that my article #2   about the theory of gliders, should be read and understood fully.

Have a look at the illustration below. It might not straight away explain how Autogyros fly, but later on it will help you to understand how the Rotor of the Autogyro keeps turning and Creating Lift, with out much difficuilty.


More details in the near future.

Edward Perera.