Piece O Cake by Mahesh Nagasena.

Well folks, it gives me a great pleasure to introduce myself and the basic model aircraft which I made. My name is Mahesh Nagasena (former Air force person) and currently working for  one of the pioneer private media originations in Sri lanka. 


For a quite  long time I had a liking to build an Aircraft by my self, so I thought the "Piece O Cake” glider would be the perfect choice for me to start with. To accomplish this task I was very fortunate enough to get the expert advice & guidance from Mr. Edward perera who is a veteran & pioneer in  model plane flying.





The above “Piece O Cake” glider  was totally built using locally available materials. The structure of the glider was built  using Albesia wood & cellophane paper is used as the covering material. The wing span is 72"  (1830mm) and the fuselage is 35" (890mm) in length. Flying weight  is 1200 g.

I made a small modification to the wing by splitting the wing into two equal parts, making it very easy for carrying.


I have fitted a 900gram thrust power motor,  a 10x4 propeller,  a 25A  ESC and 2000mAh and a 3cell li-po battery . Also one could use  an .049 two stroke nitro engine for the same purpose. I have used a four channel Radio with 4 channel receiver to fly it but  a 3 channel transmitter /Receiver also could be used for the same purpose. Finally I have used two 9g micro servos for Rudder & Elevator..

Mahesh Nagasena.