Electric Telemaster by Dinesh Jayathilake


I started building model planes in 2003. Since then I have built so many RC models such as electric and glow powered trainers, electric gliders, RC converted free flight models etc. To build these models mainly I have used Balsa Wood and some locally available light weight wood and plywood pieces.

My latest RC project is the TELEMASTER. It has wing span of 47”, I built this plane according to the plan given to me by a friend of mine. Here also I used balsa and plywood to build this model because I wanted to keep the weight to a minimum. 10” prop spins by a 2410/08 size brushless motor. This model has all four functions. I’m using a bit lager battery to balance the plane properly and longer flight time. All up weight is around 600 grams. I have included some build photos too. This plane is very easy to fly and land safely at slow speeds because of the low wing loading. Basically it’s a floater.

You can enjoy flying with this model when there is slow wind or no wind at all like in the early mornings. For anyone who wants to build and fly a model plane, I highly recommended this TELEMASTER.